Rules Film Gallery Submit Your Film

Now Accepting Submissions


  1. Your film must not exceed 1 minute in length (feel free to make it much shorter)
  2. Be cool. Your film does not need to be good, but it should follow the 10 principles.
  3. Please include "Written by J.R.R. Tolkien" in the credits
  4. Submit your film by 5pm Wednesday Aug 30, 2023
  5. Submitting on the playa? Swing by The Shire at 4:45 and C to Airdop or bluetooth transfer your film to the festival lineup.

Films Will be Considered for Awards in the Following Categories

  1. Best Film
  2. Worst Film
  3. Most average film
  4. Most medium film
  5. Most straightforward, regular old film
  6. Best Casting
  7. Teen Choice Award
  8. Best Kiss
  9. Best Goat Handling
  10. The J.R.R. Tolkien Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Television
  11. Best Product Placement
  12. Integrity in Film Award
  13. Boldest Artistic Leap
  14. Most Irreverent
  15. Best Documentary
  16. Best Crying Moment
  17. Best Animated Film
  18. Best Foreign Film
  19. Best Fight Scene
  20. Best Original Soundtrack
  21. Best Silent Film
  22. Best Twist Ending
  23. Best Musical
  24. Best Trailer
  25. Best Horror Film
  26. Best Special Effects
  27. Best Regular Effects
  28. Best Family Film
  29. Best Adult Film
  30. Best Reality Series
  31. Best Villian
  32. Best Editing
  33. Best Sound Design
  34. Best Set Design
  35. Best Costume Design
  36. Best "Design Thinking"
  37. Rookie of the Year
  38. Most Upsetting Camera Angle
  39. Longest Short Film
  40. Shortest Long Film
  41. Best Sequel
  42. Best Prequel
  43. Best Regular Old Quel
  44. Most Likely to Become a Cult Classic
  45. Biggest Procrastination Payoff
  46. Ernest Hemingway Award for Way Too Earnest
  47. Isadora Duncan Award for Excellence in Choreography
  48. Plex Award for Best Pirated Film
  49. Critics Quarterlyâ„¢ Award for Most Creatively Bankrupt Film
  50. Best All-Female Reboot