Welcome to the Playa One Minute Film Festival

The Only Film Festival on Earth

Thursday 9 - 11pm • The Shire • 4:45 & D

Dearest, artists, film makers, actors, writers, Best Boy Grips:
Are you tired of reaching into the bottom of the Netflix barrel for the latest episode of I Married a Capricorn?
Have you finished all your podcasts and find yourself resorting to that sound on the internet that gets you high?
Did the Quibi shows all turn out to be pyramid schemes?
Let this be a time of creation. Complete that masterpiece. Finish that one woman show. Record that Masterclass. With roughly a week left until The Burn we here at Playa One Minute Film Fest to invite you all to submit your film.
But why are you reaching out to me? I'm not an artist.
I cannot believe you just said that. You're like the greatest artist this town has ever seen. Download Windows MovieMaker and make a movie. Tell your story. Film a cooking tutorial. Livestream your skin care routine. Fucking pirate a 60 second clip from Topgun Maverick for all I care. Just make SOMETHING ANYTHING AT ALL.
How does it work?
We'll be screening 110% of submissions. You read that right. That means for every 10 films submitted we'll be screening 1 lucky film that didn't even apply to be part of the festival.
There are only 3 requirements
That's it. Just 2 requirements I guess.
Start brainstorming. If you see something on the internet that inspires you save it. If you wake up from a sex dream write down all the details. Start filming B-Roll in your day to day life.
Fun fact: it can take as little as 60 seconds to make a 60 second film